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Dinner on Schwans!

Thursday, August 6, 2009 |
A deal this HOT deserves a reminder post! If you havent already taken advantage of the Schwans free food deal you should! Its completely FREE! I was shocked! You dont have to buy anything else. Just pick the item you want under $10 and delievy is FREE TOO! Its open to the first 500,000 new customers. So, HURRY and get your order in! I love a night off from making dinner. Especially when the dinner is FREE! Chicken Pot Pies were delivered to my house this morning! I think I know whats I am having for dinner tonight! No idea what I am talking about? Check out the details in the first post here. Enjoy your free food!

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Jessa said...

So, just to tell you what a sucker I am, the guy kept telling me, "I have it all on the truck." So I ordered a container of ice cream too! But, on the bonus end of it, he also gave us some free samples of ice cream sandwiches! Stoked! :-)

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