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Show and Tell

Thursday, August 6, 2009 |
This is another great show and tell from this week! This is from Abbie my old neighbor in Levan. Abbie was at the very FIRST class I taught! You are so awesome Abbie! Vegas weeks are the best aren't they? Do you remember when you e-mailed me about not feeling like you were building up food storage? I would love to see your pantry shelves now. Thanks Abbie for sticking through this with me! You are such an awesome She Shops Smart reader! Miss you! I got:
18 bottles Ragu pasts sauce (yes 18)
7 bottles Dove shampoo & conditioner
4 BC cake mix
4 bags Chex mix
2 bags Bugles
4 boxes cereal
4 BC frosting
6 boxes Bisquick
4 bottles All laundry soap
4 bags Nut Clusters
4 boxes Popsicles
4 bottles Vaseline lotion
2 Best Food Mayo
4 BC muffin mix
4 BC fruit snacks
1 box Dusters
15 Powerade
6 Yoplait yougart
2 Danimals drinkables
2 Dannon crush cups
4 cans biscuits
1 bottle Parmesan cheese
1 qt buttermilk
4 lbs hamburger
2 bags baby carrots
4 lbs chicken
1 loaf bread
2 pkgs hamburger buns
1 pkg hot dog buns
1 12pk pepsi
1 12pk dr pepper
1 bag salad
3 bags pasta
1 pkg tortillas
2 pkgs country gravy
6 boxes hamburger helper
10 lunchables
1 bag Tyson frozen chicken nuggets
4 tubs Country Crock spread
Can I have a drum roll please
total spent $91.04
total saved $373.10
That is an average of .61 cents an item.
WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!

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