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Smith's Doubles

Monday, August 3, 2009 |
It has been reported by several She Shops Smart readers that the doubles at Smiths are working GREAT! The computers do all the work, so the checkers don't have to manually put anything in like at Albertsons. The stores have been well stocked and are ready for you doublers! I love that there is no limit as to how many doubles you can use!
I could go through the list for you and show you some double scenarios, but you can pretty well do that on your own, so instead I thought I would point out that this a great time to figure out what you DO need or are missing from your stock pile. I am in desperate need of baby wash, so I am going to use the ABC Index, HERE, on grocery smarts list. It lets you search for a coupon and then tells you the location. It is an awesome resource! Figure out what you need, see if there is a coupon and then imagine it doubled. Oh, what a sweet ring that has! DOUBLED! See you there!

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