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Wednesday, August 5, 2009 |
OH WOW! Shopping this week was so fun! I love Vegas weeks! Two grocery carts full and only 3 albies double coupons (i forgot to take them with me) here is a picture of what I came home with.

2 bags of Lays chips
2 2 ltr 7-up
1 2 ltr Dr. Pepper
2 2 ltr Coke
1 2 ltr A&W
1 bag David ranch sunflower seeds
2 boxes ziploc bags
1 skippy peanut butter
4 wishbone dressings
10 boxes of cereal
10 lipton rice sides
4 boxes chex mix bars
6 bags chex mix
1 bag gardettos
2 bags gardettos rye chips
2 bc browine mixes
4 bc warm delights
5 boxes bisquick
5 Macaroni Grill pasta kits
2 dove deod.
3 Bertolli Alfredo sauce
12 boxes bc fruit snacks
4 jars best foods mayo
1 bag of Bugels
3 bags nature valley nut clusters
4 ben & jerry Ice creams
and catalinas for $15 off of my next shopping trip
1 catalina for a free flat of water (up to $5)
I made two new friends while at the store (the checker and the guy behind me who was AMAZED by my totals).

TOTAL SPENT $78.04 oop
if you subtract the $15 in catalinas I have for my next trip then total tonight is




Em-It's Tori messing up your GREAT post! While we were there it seriously didn't look like you had that much stuff! Where are you going to put it all LOL! Clear out more dishes you don't use I guess? I can't wait to post mine later today! You did AWESOME!

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