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A Lot for Less from Jessica

Friday, January 29, 2010 |
This week our e-mail has been flooded with your awesome A Lot for Less photos! Many of you shared with us that this was your very first shopping trip! You guys are doing awesome! Keep it up!
Here is an e-mail from Jessica.
Hi Tori & Emily,
I have only been receiving the newspapers since late December and had only used a couple of coupons until last night. Due to the added deals with the Mega Event at Smith's I decided to jump in with both feet. I researched, prepared and went shopping. Prepping took a little longer then I wanted but I think that will shorten as I start to have some stock at home and get in the hang of filing coupons, especially those print ables.
Last night my total came to $163.74 then I had $66.46 off in Fresh Values savings and another $31.85 off from my coupons. That's a total of $98.31 in savings...I only spent $65.43!! That's a good start if you ask me. Here's to hoping that the prep time will be less and less as time goes by.

Great Job Jessica! Yes, your prep time will get better with time. It looks like the time you put into it paid off too!

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Leslie said...

I just found your website and I'm in love! I'm a past couponer but have been "out of the habbit" for a few month. Your recent Smiths sale has brought me back on board... i'm heading there in the mornning to get some great deals! Thanks!

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