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A WHOLE Lot for Less

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 |
I had so much fun today at the Smith's Mega sale! I have been dying to show you how I did!
I am going to break it down for you exactly what I purchased because there are some AWESOME rebates that go with this current sale at Smith's.
First Transaction
5 boxes of Capri Suns used 2 $1/2 online coupons
5 Kraft Easy Macs (no coupons)
10 boxes of Nabisco Crackers/Cookies (used the $1/2 any Nabisco cracker/cookie coupons from $55 Back to School Booklet)
Total came to $22.99 after mega savings and tax
Submit this receipt for the $20 rebate that came in the $55 Back to School Savings Booklet
You can't request this rebate again, but if you have it on hand, be sure to use it!
Total after rebate $2.99

Second Transaction
6 Boxes Premium Saltines( These were not a part of the Mega sale, but I found coupons for $1/1 when you bought I can of soup or chili at the store)
Final Cost $1.50
2 Cans of Planters Cashews $1/2 coupon here
Final Cost $4.98
2 Boxes Ritz Crackers use $1/1 SS 1/24
Final Cost $1.98
8 Cans of Hormel Chili use .55/2 SS 1/24
Final Cost $4.16
2 bags of Kraft Cheese $1/2 coupon from here
Final Cost $1.98
2 Boxes Toaster Strudels $1/1 here
Final Cost $.98
Total $15.58
Submit this receipt for the $10 Jingle Rebate
Total after rebate $5.58

Third Transaction
1 Digiorno Pizza $1/1 SS 1/24
Final Cost $3.99
2 Velveeta Cheese Bricks used $1/2 here
Final Cost $5.98
4 Solo Plates $1/1 SS 12/6
Final Cost $1.96
3 Solo Cups .75/1 SS 1/24
Final Cost $2.22
Total Cost $14.15
Submit this receipt for a FREE Digiorno Pizza Coupon
(Found this rebate at my Fresh Market 2 weeks ago)

4th Transaction
6 boxes of Electrosal Tablets $2.50/1 SS 1/3
Final Cost $2.94
1 box Finish Quantum Tablets $1/1 here
Final Cost $1.99
3 Boxes of Kleenex .50/3 SS/3
Final Cost $2.46
Total Transaction Cost $7.39

5th Transaction
2 bags Lays Potato Chips no coupon
Final Cost $3.56
6 boxes Cheezit Crackers $1/2 RP 12/13
Final Cost $8.94
2 Jars of Tostitos Salsa found a $1/1 Tostitos Salsa when I bought a bag of Lays Chips
Final Cost $2.00
Total Cost $14.50
Submit for the Budweiser $8.00 rebate
(I found this at my Fresh Market store 2 weeks ago)
Final Cost after rebate $6.50

6th Transaction
3 Bottles of Tide Laundry Detergent $1/1 P&G 12/27
Final Cost $13.47
3 boxes Krusteaz Cookies Mixes $1/1 SS 12/6
Final Cost $1.47
4 bottles Sobe Life Water no coupon
Final Cost $1.96
4 Philadelphia Cream Cheeses (Found $1/2 coupon at the store in this booklet)
Final Coast $1.96
8 Bags of Kraft Cheese $1/2 SS 1/24
Final Cost $7.92
4 bags of Quaker Rice Quakes .75/1 RP 1/10
Final Cost FREE
4 bags Goldfish Crackers no coupon
Final Cost $3.52
1 loaf of bread $2.00
2 Nestle Cookie dough cookies $2.88
8 Hershey Candy Bars $2.00
Total Transaction Cost $37.18

My plan today when I went shopping was to divide up my transactions like this, but after my first transaction the checker told me she could print off duplicate receipts for me instead of doing everything in individual transactions.
Now that I am home I wish I would have divided up the transactions anyway just so things were easy to sort through, so I would recommend the different transactions if you are going to use any of the rebates I did. After I paid for my first transaction and my bill came to $22 and I was going to get a $20 rebate back I was feeling pretty awesome! Then all the rest of my items came up to over $380!!!!!! I about died. Then I scanned in my Preferred Savings Card and the total went down to $219!!!! I handed over my coupons and they did their magic! My total cost for that transaction was only $92! My total for EVERYTHING ABOVE only cost me...........

My total cost after my rebate will only be
$77.11 and a FREE pizza coupon
To make this work for me it definitely took some work and planning on my part, but it totally paid off! I teased my husband and told him saving this kind of money at the store is like paying myself to work! I can't believe how much money I saved and how many groceries I came home with! Be sure to send us your pictures from this weeks sale too! We love seeing how awesome you guys do!
BTW I had so much fun running into so many of you readers today! Thank you for always be so sweet to me! Amy totally offered to give me her blue Solo plates so I didn't have to take the red ones and Krisiti ran back to grab me the bread I almost forgot! You guys are the best and you are why I love updating this blog!


Leah said...


Do you wait until the end to enter your preferred values card, so you can see how much you're saving without it?


Anonymous said...

AWESOME Shopping trip! Way to stretch your buck...and all throse must have had quite a time planning for this trip. I have a question about the $20 Kraft Back to School rebate. Do you know if you submitted for the first rebate period, if you can do this deal again and submit for the second rebate? They are from different time periods, with different dates listed, but still say one per household.

Anonymous said...

My Nabisco rebate states that the purchases need to be made by 12/31/09 and postmarked by 1/15/10. Are we out of luck or do you think companies will honor it a month or two after the deadline?

Mitchell Family said...

There are 2 rebates in the booklet. The first one is unavailable so be sure to use the second one in there. My rebate says our purchase needs to be made from 1/1/10-6/30/10.

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