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Old Navy 30% off today and tomorrow ONLY!

Friday, January 29, 2010 |
Look at the e-mail we had come from the Old Navy Newsroom!Hello,

D’ja hear that 30 is the new 20? 30% off that is! Old Navy is hosting a 2-Day Super Sale Friday and Saturday. (1/29-1/30 only). Shoppers get 30% off on every single item in stores – except gift cards – even items already on sale! Seriously…shoppers can shop ‘til they drop for what THEY want and save. If they want new jeans, tops, accessories, workout gear - presto, bingo – they save 30%! Love that new floral spring top – get it for 30% less – this Friday and Saturday only. And get this, no coupons required. They just shop and save! In fact, we’re so sure the ladies are gonna love the 2-Day Super Sale so much that no new coupons will be available at until Sunday. So, let your readers know the inside scoop by being the first to write about the 2-Day Super Sale.


Nicole D.
Thank you Old Navy! I have been itching to do some shopping for some spring capris and shorts! Have you had your eye set on some new clothes too!


DBA said...

Are you sure about this? I looked on their site and couldn't find anything about it. I get their emails and I never received any email about. The only reason that I ask is because there is already a 25% off for cardholders this weekend and it seems weird that they would do both.

Mitchell Family said...

Yes, I just called my store and they are doing 30% off.

Jenny said...

just went this morning and the sale is at all Old Navy's. there are signs up all over the store. Got some skinny jeans for me and a button down shirt and cargo pants for my husband for less than $50. And I REALLY needed new jeans so I was excited to get them a bit cheaper!

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