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This Weeks Walgreens Scenario

Monday, January 25, 2010 |
This week at Walgreens there is a great deal on super bowl snacks again. I went to snag up some of the deals last week, but the sale continues, so I thought I would share a couple scenarios with you!
Spend $20 on the following products (you can see them on the list) and receive a $10 checkout coupon for your next purchase. Limit of 1 per household.

Scenario One:
4 Tostios Bags of Chips @ $2.50
4 Jars of Tostito Dips of Salsa @ $2.50
Total $20.00
Use 4: Tostitos Tortilla Chips, any flavor/any variety, 9 oz. or larger bag AND (1) jar of Tostitos Dip, any flavor 11 oz. or larger .55 (2-14-10) SS-1/17
Total $17.80
A $10 RR will print out
Total with RR Factored in $7.80

Scenario Two:

(3) Bags of Chips @$2.50
(4) 12 packs of Soda @$3.33

Total $20.82
$10 RR prints out
Total with RR factored in $10.82!

Here is what my latest transaction looked like:

(5) 12 packs of Soda (last week they were on sale 5 for $15)

(2) Bags of Tostitos Chips @$2.50
Total: $20.00
A $10 RR printed out
Total with RR factored in $10

Second Transaction
Bag of clearnaced Christmas Candy .62
60 photo prints for $6.99
Bottle of Netrogena Shiled Sun Screen clearanced to $2.74
Used my $10 RR from my previous transaction and my total came to $1.03
Then a $2 RR printed out for the clearanced Sunscreen
Money Maker of .97 for this transaction
Then here is the best part! I am going to submit my first reciept for a Coors Superbowl rebate that requires you to spend $20 worth of Tostitos Chips, Dip, Pepsi Soda, Condiments, Plastic Cups, Ice, Paper Plates, and/or Deli Items. You will then recieve a rebate of $7.50.
After I recieve my rebate I will have only spent $11.57 OOP for EVERYTHING above! Sweet deal!

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